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Developmental Program Boys & Girls Ages 5-7

Developmental Program Boys & Girls Ages 5-7

Developmental Program Boys & Girls Ages 5-7

Kids love sports. Some kids love baseball, some love hockey, some love football, and some play 3 or 4 sports and love them all. Some kids just play Soccer. Their brothers or sisters may play soccer and their Mom or Dad may have played soccer. It’s in their blood. They are soccer players. If you think your young athlete is already committed to and loves the game of Soccer, then the Michigan Burn Little Burners program is the place for you.

Little Burners is a full-year coed program that develops the fundamental skills of the game of soccer and lays the foundation for your young player to move up to the Michigan Burn Premier Club fully prepared and competitive. Players train once a week and play 10 games in the Fall and Spring.

Each training session is planned in advance to focus on one area of play or individual skill set. The activities are technical and fun at the same time. Just like our club teams, sessions include a group warmup, individual skill set, small sided developmental activity and scrimmage to reinforce all coaching points that were coached in the session. Little Burners work hard, have fun and hardly ever want to stop playing when the coach blows the whistle to end the day!


Listen to what other families have to say about the Michigan Burn Little Burners Program:

"My daughter had never played soccer in her life before she came to the Little Burners.  By the end she was shooting the ball correctly, scoring goals, playing aggressive defense, and dribbling correctly. The Coaches are amazing with the young kids, patient when necessary, silly when they need it, and devoted to making sure these kids learn the proper way."

"The Little Burners program at The Sports Academy has proven to be the ideal developmental program for my daughter. Within the year, she has progressed from running and kicking at the ball, to now being a contributing player on her club team. I highly recommend this program to any young soccer player looking to learn proper technique with the ball, while having fun and developing a love for the game!"




For more information on the Michigan Burn Little Burners program please contact Joe Gallagher at 586-876-0109 or