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2022 Girls College Showcase Camp

Are YOU Next?

 Monday, July 25, 6-8:30pm | Tuesday, July 26, 6-8:30pm
Wednesday, July 27, 6-8:30 | Thursday, July 28, 2:30-5

$175/player until June 10


We are excited to invite all Michigan Burn 9th - 12th grade girls to our annual College Showcase Camp July 25 - 28. Each year we bring in College Soccer Coaches to offer additional exposure for our players. This camp has proven to significantly impact the recruiting opportunities. Listed at the bottom of the page are some of the colleges who have previously participated in the camp and have Directly Recruited or Identified players from this camp!

Why attend this camp?

  • Coaching: In this camp, you receive actual on-field instruction from the coaches. Yes, your daughter will receive feedback face to face in real-time from 8 different college coaches.
  • Head Coaches: Last year, all coaches were the head coaches. Yes, all players worked with the head coaches.  If you want to be recruited, I can’t see a better way than an opportunity to work with the head coach-the person who makes the ultimate decision.
  • Location: Our Camp is in your backyard. You don’t need to drive 3 hours to attend a camp with the hope that the coach may see you.
  • Recruiting: As mentioned above, Michigan Burn players are identified and/or recruited each year from this camp!
  • Familiarity: A Michigan Burn staff member is on the field so he can answer any questions from the College Coaches about our players.
  • Training: A great training session to prepare for the upcoming soccer season!
  • Identification: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be identified as the next player who will join a growing group of Michigan Burn Collegiate Soccer Alumni. 



Past Schools That Have Attended