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Michigan Burn Partners with Buffalo Wild Wings

Michigan Burn Partners with Buffalo Wild Wings

The Michigan Burn Soccer Club is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings in Michigan! Buffalo Wild Wings is a well-known national brand and community leader and we couldn't be more excited about their involvement with the Michigan Burn!

“The partnership between Buffalo Wild Wings and the Michigan Burn seemed like it would be the perfect fit. Both Bdubs and the Burn are local and are heavily involved within the community. Buffalo Wild Wings wanted to do something to support the many families who are a part of the Michigan Burn so we felt that this partnership would be a great opportunity to do so.”

Brian Carmody, President, JKT Wings

Along with branding in and around The Sports Academy and on the field, benefits for Burn families include a rewards program for kids, discounts at all Michigan Buffalo Wild Wings, use of Bdubs for parties and team get-togethers in and out of state as well as Michigan Burn Club advertising in Bdubs restaurants. And just wait till you see the new uniforms!

"We are so excited to bring Buffalo Wild Wings on board at The Burn. The Club has been growing and thriving and this is just another example of our commitment to our players, our families and our community. Bdubs brings its visibility, brand recognition and community support to the Burn and will provide many benefits for our players and our facility."

Joe Gallagher, President, The Michigan Burn Soccer Club

Michigan Burn Deploys Veo Camera System for 2021-22 Season

Michigan Burn Deploys Veo Camera System for 2021-22 Season

The Michigan Burn Soccer Club is excited to announce that it will be deploying the Veo Camera System beginning with the 2021-22 Soccer Season. These cameras, once deployed, automatically track and record the entire game without a cameraman. 

"One of the immediate benefits of our partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings will be to supply the Club with Veo Cameras, all the tripods and the software for the entire soccer year," says Joe Gallagher, President of the Michigan Burn Soccer Club.

"And The Blanchett Insurance Group is partnering with us to cover the platform subscription costs for the year as well. We really have outstanding corporate partners for the 2021-22 season!"

Veo will give Burn coaches the ability to review video footage of all of their games, home and away, to then share with their teams, make highlight clips, and cover areas of the game that need to be improved or that are being done well. The system will also have the ability to tag players in highlights from games.

"Having used a camera system the past couple of seasons, the benefits for the players, families, and coaches are extremely valuable. What I really like about the new VEO System, and I'm sure the parents will too, is the camera runs itself! Basically, set up the camera and hit go. That's it. The new system also makes it easier to record practices, which only benefits the teams that much more. I'm excited to see that with the help of Buffalo Wild Wings and The Blanchett Insurance Group, now more players and coaches will have access to an important tool for individual and team development." - Chris Graczyk, Michigan Burn Technical Director/Coach

Veo is the ideal solution to automatically film Soccer matches. The camera films with two 4K lenses and records 180 degrees, so it captures every single moment of the match in great video quality. One of the main features of filming with Veo is that the two cameras record the full pitch throughout the game so you’ll never miss a moment. And you don’t rely on a skilled cameraman who can stay concentrated and trace the ball for a whole match without ever losing sight of the ball. It's all automatic.